• "The Walking Dead" Season 10, episode 13 will be about Michonne
  • She will help Virgil against his enemies on the island
  • There may not be any weapons on the island

“The Walking Dead” Season 10, episode 13 will focus on what happened to Michonne (Danai Gurira) after she went out in search of weapons with the new character Virgil (Kevin Carroll). The heroes need these weapons in the brutal war against the Whisperers that has already claimed many lives on both sides.

A preview video of the next episode shows Michonne reaching Virgil’s island. What was supposed to be a quick mission to find weapons will become complicated when Gurira’s character finds out that the island is filled with hostiles.

Virgil had his reasons for deceiving Michonne. His family is trapped in the island and he needs the katana wielding warrior to get rid of his enemies to rescue his loved ones. The island was apparently a peaceful place before “the others” came and brought violence.

A scene of a burning boat in the preview video suggests that it will be difficult for Michonne to get back to her family and friends even if she manages to kill the people on the island and get the weapons. Will she die in “The Walking Dead” Season 10, episode 13?

The opening scene of the next episode that has been released online shows Michonne going back to the way she was before she met Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the others. She will have two zombies with her that she will keep chained after removing their teeth and cutting off their hands to make them docile.

Michionne may be having flashbacks about who she was and what she could have become. The opening scene will show her letting Andrea (Laurie Holden) die at the hands of zombies.

A sneak peek scene suggests that there may not be any weapons on the island. Virgil only promised to help her check if there are any weapons, but there is no guarantee that they will find any.

“The Walking Dead” Season 10, episode 13 is titled “What We Become.” It will air on March 22 at 9 p.m. EDT on AMC.

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Michonne will leave in "The Walking Dead" Season 10. The Walking Dead/Facebook