AMC original “The Walking Dead” Season 2 will start on October 16 and run for 13 episodes.

Season 1 began with sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes waking up to a post-apocalyptic world overrun with “walkers.” He then travels to Atlanta and finds his family among a group of human survivors.

Now, the group needs to get out of Atlanta.

“One thing I know with certainty. We’re moving on. Atlanta is done,” said Grimes at the beginning of the trailer.

The video then cuts to the group riding in an assembly of vehicles, presumably getting out of Atlanta via a highway. However, they encounter a massive blockage of cars and an army of walkers. They are then forced to crawl under cars to hide.

The trailer shows the group buckling under the enormous pressure of their dire situation. Shane Walsh is shown threatening to leave while T-Dog and Dale Horvath share a very heated exchange.

Below is “The Walking Dead” season 2 trailer.