“Walking Dead” fans shouldn’t get too bent on a new relationship for Rick in season four. Actor Andrew Lincoln recently talked to TV Line, and he doesn’t think his character is ready for any romance.

Viewers of the hit AMC series will remember that Rick completely went off the deep end in season three when he lost his wife, Lori. Although the two weren’t on the best of terms at the time of her death, her passing left him shook up and unable to think clearly. With his head finally on right (for the most part), it looks like season four will have Rick focusing on the prison, its new occupants and his growing baby daughter -- no time for a new romance!

“I think that there has to be some kind of mourning time,” Lincoln dished to TV Line. “I don’t think he’s able to engage at all on that level at the moment. I wouldn’t rule it out, though.”

Rick will have some more mourning time in season four. Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd previously revealed to IGN that when the AMC series returns in October it will have a time jump similar to previous seasons. TV Line confirmed that the new season will pick up four to eight months after the season three finale left off.

Andrew Lincoln’s comments on Rick’s potential (or lack of) romantic relationships comes after speculation that Rick would start something with Hershel’s daughter, Beth. A season-three episode showed Beth kissing Rick on the cheek and blushing, spurring many to believe that a romance between the two was brewing. The theories around the pair grew when Beth’s Emily Kinney said in a season-four preview that she thinks her character will “grow up a lot and take on new responsibilities.” Fans immediately assumed that she was referring to taking care of baby Judith.

In other “Walking Dead” news, the Latinos Post may have stumbled upon some more season-four photos, but we’re not sure how accurate they are. While one photo of a herd of zombies on a main road can be from the upcoming season, other photos show the governor in a shot that looks very season three-esque.

One photo that we definitely know is from season four can be found on Norman Reedus’ Instagram. The actor, who plays fan favorite character Daryl, posted a picture of him hanging out (shirtless) with Carl’s Chandler Riggs. Reedus sticks his tongue out while Riggs gets a haircut with a cheetah smock. Riggs could either just be getting a trim, or the prison group might finally be cleaning up. (Did Woodbury have a beauty salon?)

Season four of “The Walking Dead” premieres in October.