October is a long way off, but “Walking Dead” fans got their first bite of Season 5 on Sunday. In preparation for the coming season, “The Talking Dead” aired a summer preview that was packed with interviews and a sneak peek at the fifth season.

“Talking Dead” host Chris Hardwick sat down with showrunner Scott Gimple and actress/ comedian Aisha Tyler to break down Season 4’s biggest moments and some of the rumors surrounding Season 5. Missed the episode? Fret not. We’ve compiled a list of 18 things we learned:

1. One Big Rabbit Trap – Remember in the Season 4 finale when Rick was showing Carl and Michonne how to set the rabbit trap? The Terminus setup that led Rick, Daryl, Carl and Michonne into the train car was essentially a big rabbit trap.

2. “Fight The Dead. Fear The Living” – As Tyler discussed with Gimple, other humans have become predatory. Viewers have been watching a little Darwinian selection take place, and have seen that the humans that survive are becoming more formidable.

3. Filming – According to Gimple, the show is currently in the middle of filming. “I just came out of an edit,” the showrunner told Hardwick. “Was talking to the writers just moments ago. I’m brimming with spoilers.”

4. Beth – “Walking Dead” fans have been wondering about Beth’s fate ever since she was kidnapped at the end of Season 4. Fortunately viewers won’t have to wait long to watch the story unfold in Season 5. “I will say that Beth’s story – whatever it is – will be told,” Gimple confirmed.

5. The Mysterious House Beth Was Kidnapped From – Beth and Daryl found shelter in a funeral home before she was kidnapped. Many fans have been wondering if the house was a trap to capture her. But Gimple said the house actually had a backstory to it – an undertaker was living there and taking dead bodies and reburying them. The man passed away while out on a run. Unfortunately due to time restraints, “The Walking Dead” was unable to let the backstory play out on screen.

6. Lauren Cohan on Season Premiere – In an interview with Hardwick, actress Lauren Cohan said that the new season will be “do or die.” Cohan continued that Maggie and the others will have to be “resourceful and brutal” in order to get out; and that one group member will surprise fans with how “bada**” he or she can be.

7. Cannibals – Gimple acknowledged that many comic book fans expect that the Season 5 story will focus on the Terminus people being cannibals. While he confirmed that the show has hit about the same time line as the cannibals in Robert Kirkman’s comics, he teased that that does not “necessarily mean” that it’s the same story.

8. Mary – Terminus member (and head chef) Mary is said to be modeled after Luke Skywalker’s Aunt Beru … who was “barbequed.”

9. Gareth – Andrew J. West dished that he doesn’t believe his character, Gareth, is a “natural-born leader.” According to the actor, Gareth is someone “who has grown into that role a little bit.”

Hardwick questioned whether Gareth is the villain that everyone is making him out to be, but West promised that there is way more to him. On a scale of “Rick to the Governor,” West says Gareth is “way more towards the Rick end of the spectrum” and is just a “normal guy figuring out how to survive.”

10. The Season 5 Finale – Gimple certainly wasn’t giving out spoilers for the Season 5 finale, but he did reveal that they already know their end point.

11. The Sneak Peek Look at Season 5 – The clip from the Season 5 premiere starts off with Carol standing on the train tracks. With a horde of walkers stumbling through the forest, Carol whispers to Tyreese: “More.” The sneak peek ends with the pair clutching Baby Judith and grabbing a bag before attempting to hide from the walkers.

 “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC for its fifth season in October.