Walking Dead
Steven Yeun revealed that the characters on "The Walking Dead" will struggle with their humanity in Season 5. Gene Page/AMC

Fans of “The Walking Dead” have watched their favorite characters evolve over the past four seasons. Some became leaders, taking the initiative to help each other in the fight to survive. Meanwhile, others chose a different route, losing their humanity just to make it through another day.

The zombie apocalypse can definitely change a man – and that’s something viewers of the AMC drama will be dealing with when Season 5 premieres in the fall.

Months remain until the hit series returns, but Glenn’s Steven Yeun spoke to E! Online about what viewers can expect.

“It’s a different reality that they find themselves in,” Yeun teased. "It’s the decision to remain in humanity or completely let go and be a savage. That’s kind of the question that’s on every characters’ mind, and it’s up to them to decide where they go.”

Yeun’s comments on Season 5 are interesting because of the introduction of Terminus at the end of Season 4. Fans will remember that the group – which became divided after the Governor’s attack on the prison – was finally able to reunite at Terminus. But it wasn’t the sanctuary that everyone had hoped it to be. Rick, Carl, Daryl and Michonne were herded at gunpoint through the “safe haven,” passing a cage full of bones before being forced into a train car.

“They’re screwing with the wrong people,” Rick said in the final moments of the finale.

The big plot question when Season 5 premieres is how the group will escape the train car. Will they go about it with some “humanity” as Yeun teased, or is the only escape route to use savage methods?

For Terminus leader Gareth’s sake, we hope that Rick’s group keeps their humanity in mind, because actor Andrew J. West previously argued that there is more to his character than what viewers first saw.

“What I can say about him is he’s definitely a complicated character,” Andrew J. West told “Talking Dead” host Chris Hardwick. “There’s more to him than initially meets the eye. He’s a pragmatist and he’s a survivor.”

But since “Walking Dead” fans saw Rick bite a chunk of a man’s neck off in the Season 4 finale, we have a feeling that the story’s hero will be struggling to reconnect with his humanity in Season 5.

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