David Wain
Wain’s new film, “Wanderlust,” is coming out on Friday. He directed the comedy, which stars Jennifer Anniston and Paul Rudd. On Feb. 22 David Wain revealed that a “Wet Hot American Summer” sequel is in the works and hinted at a “Stella” film or new episodes in a As Me Anything (AMA) forum on Reddit.com. Wikipedia

On Feb. 22 David Wain revealed that a Wet Hot American Summer sequel is in the works and hinted at a Stella film or new episodes in a As Me Anything (AMA) forum on Reddit.com.

Wain's new film, Wanderlust, is coming out on Friday. He directed the comedy, which stars Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. Wain has a long track record of creating hilarious video content on film (Wet Hot American Summer, Role Models) television (Stella, The State) and online (his personal web-series Wainy Days) as a writer, director and actor.

Reddit's AMAs are hit or miss ranging for enlightening interviews to total trainwrecks. It's basically a free-for-all in which fans throw out a wide variety of questions from the expected to the absurd to the offensive, and the interviewee does their best to keep up. Wain clearly came prepared and was a good sport, plugging his new film but also responding to bizarre questions and placating his most die-hard fans. Here are some of the highlights from the AMA:

Poopnstuff: I'm a huge fan of Stella and Wainy days and everything you've ever touched. I want to dip you in gold and put you on my mantle. Or, throw you up on my shoulders and take you to a carnival and feed you cotton candy. With that being said: (1) WHO IS JIM STANSEL??? I've noticed that name used in The Ten, Wet Hot American Summer, and Role Models. Is there a story behind it, and is the name used in Wanderlust at all? (2) I've heard in interviews and stuff that you and Ken are working on a prequel to Wet Hot American Summer. When would the prequel take place? Would it be all the same actors playing even more impossibly young characters? (3)Will there be any more Wainy Days to look forward to? (4) I love you. Thanks for doing this AMA! Can't wait to see Wanderlust tomorrow!

DavidWain4Real: (1) Jim Stansel was the name of a guy who used to work with my dad when I was like 10 years old. We have a super-8 movie of him up in a hot air balloon for a radio station promotion in Dallas, and my dad's going that's Jim Stansel! That's Jim Stansel! and the name has always stuck in my head. I just love the name! (2) We are working on the sequel (me and Michael Showalter). Original cast will return. Storyline is secret! (3) Yes! For now please get the new DVD that was just released www.wainydays.com - filled with cool stuff and extras etc. (4) i love you too.

Ohblair: Hi David, I'm a big fan and have been since Stella, I know you're doing your own thing now. But I was wondering was there a fallout between you, Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter? I saw your Wet Hot American Summer reunion show at The Music Hall of Williamsburg and there was definitely some awkward tension between you three, also they went on to do Michael and Michael have Issues without and you went to do Wainy Days without them, why is that? After Stella was canceled on Comedy Central did you guys all have a falling out or what? What is your actual relationship with them like today? Thank you for answering my questions if this isn't your intern doing this AMA for you.

DavidWain4Real: Truth is all of us in The State are constantly doing various projects with different sub-groupings of the original 11 and I think we will always continue to do that. Stella is ongoing and no plans to end it. More shows, perhaps a movie, more shorts - who knows. Tension onstage - that's always been a part of it since day 1!

Flitterella: What's something true about yourself that most people don't know? Also, what's with all the sexual tension between you and Michael Showalter?

DavidWain4Real: True about myself - I'm super shy in many situations. Sexual tension - maybe gay? Dunno.

Apollo Bar: How did you originally start working with everyone from The State?

DavidWain4Real: I was a member of a sketch comedy group at NYU called The Sterile Yak (founded by now superstar children's book author Mo Willems) and we started a B-team of freshman when we were sophomores. A bunch of interested freshman signed up for this new group and that became eventually The State.

McSwaggerton36: Hey David, huge fan. I was wondering what it's like going back to film after being in TV recently. Do you like one more than the other, or feel it's easier to be funny in one medium or another? Also, was it hard to be professional when you got the chance to see Jennifer Aniston's [breasts]?

DavidWain4Real: I love going back and forth - each thing has its own challenges and rewards. I'm so lucky to get to do all different stuff. 2nd question - yes.

Uncannie: Kill, Marry, F--k: Alec Baldwin, William Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin

DavidWain4Real: Absolutely.

Needsaladder: Who wrote the I don't care if you're bowlegged, and I don't care if you're bilingual speech from Wet Hot American Summer? Who drew Beyonce pouring sugar on my d-ck from Role Models? If you could get pizza and beer with anyone on Earth, what would it be?

DavidWain4Real: W.H.A.S. was written by me and Michael Showalter - we wrote that speech together. I made that drawing in RM! At the moment - Penn Jillette

StNathaniel: ...what are some of your favorite beers?

DavidWain4Real: I don't really drink beer too often. But I love dogfish!