HoloLens Microsoft Complete
Breaking the $3,000 Microsoft HoloLens will cost customers a $250 deductible for a replacement under the Microsoft Complete plan. Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Microsoft’s latest batch of Windows 10 devices is getting the white-glove treatment when it comes to its extended warranty plan, Microsoft Complete. Under the separate service plan, when customers purchase the extended service agreement the company will provide accidental damage coverage and a two-year warranty for many of the products sold through its store.

Here’s how Microsoft plans to cover those devices:


Developers haven’t even gotten their hands on the $3,000 development edition of Microsoft’s augmented reality headset. But Microsoft has already spilled the details on how it will be covering the headset through its Complete plan when it hits stores. Under the extended warranty, Microsoft will cover most of the cost of a replacement product in the case of accidental damage, but consumers will have to foot a hefty $250 deductible.

Surface Book, Surface Pro 4

Microsoft’s hybrid Surface Book is also covered under the plan if consumers are willing to shell out an additional $249. Under the plan, accidental damage is mostly covered over two years, minus a $49 deductible. Repairs are covered up to twice the original purchase price. And damaged product replacements are limited to two times. A similar plan for the Surface Pro 4 is available for $149.

Xbox Elite Controller

At $149.99 Microsoft’s “professional” Xbox controller is nearly half the price of an Xbox One. With that in mind, it is also offering a separate replacement plan for the Xbox Elite Controller. Prices aren’t listed for the extended warranty, but unlike the HoloLens Complete plan, accidental damage isn’t covered.

Microsoft Band 2

An additional $39 is how much consumers will need to spend if they opt for the Complete plan for the $249.99 Microsoft Band 2. If the device is damaged during the period, the entire product will be replaced, minus a $30 deductible.


Windows 10 Lumia phones purchased through Microsoft are also eligible for its extended warranty service. But it will cost customers a $99 deductible when the smartphone is replaced for accidental damage.