• "Warframe" encourages players to keep moving and stay on the offensive
  • Tough targets can be easily taken down with finisher moves
  • Proper positioning and fast movement can make all the difference in dire situations

New “Warframe” players may find surviving in high-level missions difficult, especially the ones that scale beyond even their equipment’s own level caps. Enemies are tougher, hit much harder and are more plentiful in these missions, making any incursion a hard experience for the inexperienced player.

While using specific warframes or weapons can help tone the difficulty down considerably, not everyone has access to all of the equipment and mods that are considered meta. This can be a little problematic especially since most of the best weapon or warframe mods are locked behind these missions.

Here are some general gameplay tips on how to survive high-level missions in “Warframe” as a new player regardless of equipment availability.

Execute enemies with finisher attacks

Finisher attacks deal tremendous amounts of damage to enemies. They’re often capable of one-shotting heavy enemies like Grineer Heavy Gunners and Bombards, making them excellent tools to use against these types of targets.

Warframe is a fast-paced sci-fi shooter with a heavy emphasis on melee and mobility
Warframe is a fast-paced sci-fi shooter with a heavy emphasis on melee and mobility Digital Extremes

To perform finishers, walk up to a vulnerable enemy and press the interact button. Enemies can be made vulnerable by knocking them down, stealthily approaching them from the back or using certain CC abilities like Excalibur’s Radial Blind.

Aerial slam attacks with melee weapons are great for knocking weak enemies down. Alternatively, players can knock enemies down with a flying kick with any warframe by pressing the Crouch button while in mid-air.

Observe proper positioning

The increased number of enemies means players will get shot from more angles than usual. To counter this, make sure to block enemy lines of sight with cover. This will also help funnel enemies to kill zones or keep them in a tight angle where players can block gunfire with their melee weapon.

Keep moving

In areas where cover isn’t available, it’s important that players keep moving. Enemies will have a tougher time hitting fast-moving targets, so be sure to always move at top speed. Dart around areas by sliding and bullet-jumping and try to shoot enemies while in mid-air.

Mod recommendations

While anyone can find success with any combination of mods, using ones that provide healing can make difficult missions much easier. Be on the lookout for these mods on the player market or from random drops:

  • Life Strike
  • Healing Return
  • Blood For Life
  • Rejuvenation