• "The Duviri Paradox" will add a narrative-driven experience set in a new open-world zone
  • The expansion will feature time loop mechanics with experiences that change daily
  • Players will take the role of an adult Drifter with no Transference powers

Digital Extremes has finally revealed the actual gameplay of “The Duviri Paradox,” one of the upcoming expansions for the hit space ninja MMO “Warframe.”

The developers initially teased “The Duviri Paradox” in 2019. In the recent TennoCon 2022, a 20-minute-long gameplay demo was aired for fans to enjoy.

In this expansion, players will be taking on the role of a Drifter, an older, alternate version of the Zariman Ten-Zero’s children stuck in a time loop within Duviri, which is a different plane of existence where remnants of what appears to be the Orokin civilization thrives. The world of Duviri is devoid of color, and it is ruled by a mysterious character with the ability to manipulate reality.

Like some of “Warframe’s” older expansions, “The Duviri Paradox” is driven by a strong narrative with an emphasis on the game’s reality-bending themes. However, unlike quests like “The New War” or “Chains of Harrow,” this one will play very differently.

Seize control and break free from the Duviri Paradox in Warframe
Seize control and break free from the Duviri Paradox in Warframe Digital Extremes

Players will be directly controlling the Drifter as their main character. They don’t have Transference and Void powers like the Operators do, which means they won’t be able to pilot the titular Warframes during their stay in Duviri. They will, however, get access to items like a Void Amp and dual Nikanas to fend off attackers and a horse mount to traverse the environment.

The combat is aptly slower than what “Warframe” usually offers. The Drifter can block, strike and use abilities in a fight, but none of it can compare to what an actual Warframe can do.

Duviri is an open-world zone like Fortuna but with some key departures from the usual design style. Creative director Rebecca Ford told VG24/7 that they wanted to create a different experience. There won’t be a central hub area, no new syndicate, and Duviri’s version of Konzhu will behave much differently than other NPCs in his role.

The expansion will borrow some roguelite elements to enhance the time loop experience, though specific details are sparse at the moment. However, expect each day in Duviri to feel different from the previous one since the world changes based on the ruler’s current mood.

“The Duviri Paradox” is set to release this December.