• "Angels of the Zariman" launches on April 27
  • The update will add the titular Zariman ship as a playable space
  • Focus Schools are getting reworked to incorporate better combat mechanics

Digital Extremes has been constantly pumping out big content drops for the hit third-person action game “Warframe” over the past years, with the most recent “New War” update earning major praise from fans and critics alike.

The upcoming “Angels of the Zariman” update is set to add even more content to the already gigantic free-to-play game in the form of additional gear, new playable spaces and overhauls for some key systems. Here’s a breakdown.

New Warframe: Gyre

An elegant Warframe with the grace of a dancer and the lethality of a legendary warrior, Gyre glides through the battlefield while taking down foes with perfect execution.

Gyre’s kit revolves around critical hits and electric damage. She can increase her own critical hit chance while releasing bursts of electricity that grow much stronger after a critical hit is scored.

Electric damage may not be the most potent in terms of sheer killing potential, but it has the added benefit of stunning enemies, which allows players to finish them off with little-to-no fear of retaliation.

Gyre also comes with the new Alternox lightning rifle and three Zariman-themed weapons that evolve over time.

Angels of the Zariman will feature evolving weapons based on the mysterious Zariman ship
Angels of the Zariman will feature evolving weapons based on the mysterious Zariman ship Digital Extremes

New Area: The Zariman 10-0

The titular Zariman is a mysterious ship that holds great significance to the lore of “Warframe.” As the origin point of the Tenno, players will be able to uncover more secrets regarding the lore of the protagonist faction.

This also comes with the new Chrysalith social area and the Dormizones, which are Digital Extremes’ first foray into the world of MMO player housing. Players will be able to customize their own dormitory base with furniture and soundscapes.

Eximus and Focus School Reworks

Each of the Operator Focus Schools is getting reworked in the upcoming update in hopes of encouraging playstyles that constantly swap between Warframe and Operator modes. This rework will be more than just a few changes to the Focus Trees, though.

There will be major new moves that will help tie in Operator combat with Warframes, which should result in fluent swapping that doesn’t break the flow of combat.

Eximus enemies are also getting reworked to become more interesting. Players can expect these elite enemies to be more threatening and rewarding in the future once “Angels of the Zariman” releases on April 27.