Game developer Super Sense announced a new “Warhammer” mobile game last week. This time, the game will reportedly be based on the incredibly popular “Storm of Magic” card game called “Warhammer: Storm of Magic.”

According to Touch Arcade, the game will be a turn-based, 3D collectible card battler that will have access to online play. Socializing will be a key feature, as the game will allow players to form alliances with their friends and even share their experiences and rewards together.

Fans who prefer to play solo are free to do so, as Pocket Gamer has confirmed a single-player campaign in the game, though it appears that multiplayer will be the main focus of the game. Players will be able to change their rankings through the “Rank Play” mode and even take on their friends in the “Arena” mode. Daily Quests will also be available.

Developer of the game Super Sense has promised that more than 100 cards will be in the game for players to collect, train and level up. Fans will also be able to craft their own cards and add them to their decks, though this mechanic hasn’t been fully explained yet. Players won’t also be restricted on who to fight for as Super Sense confirmed that players can pummel Orcs, Goblins and Humans.

Those unfamiliar with the actual card game will be happy to know that “Warhammer: Storm of Magic” will have a tutorial that can help out new and inexperienced gamers who decide to pick up the title. This way, even new gamers and those who are curious about the title won’t be confused or frustrated when trying the game for the first time.

No official release date has been officially confirmed for the game, though Super Sense said it would come out in 2015. “Warhammer: Storm of Magic” will be available on iOS and Android devices. The game will also be playable on Kindle Fire.

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Storm of Magic Unbooking (Credit: YouTube/WarbossTae)