• Ariana Grande's official music video for "34+35 Remix" featuring Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat is already out
  • The video shows Grande having a spa day and ordering room service with Megan and Doja
  • Grande teased the "34+35 Remix" music video on Twitter prior to its release

Ariana Grande has finally dropped the highly anticipated music video of her song "34+35 Remix."

Grande teamed up with Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat for the remix of her song "34+35," which originally appeared on the former's album, "Positions," released last year. On Thursday, Grande released the music video, which combined a "glam aesthetic with '80s nouveau riche luxury sexiness," Entertainment Tonight noted.

The video shows Grande having a girls' day with Megan and Doja, ordering room service, lounging around in lingerie, sipping champagne and taking home videos. Grande kicks off the remix, with Doja singing the second verse. Megan sings with them mid-way through the song.

"Rock you like a baby but you know I’m bout to keep you up/Welcome to my channel and today I’m bout to teach you somethin'/I can make you pop, legs up like a can-can/Wake the neighbors up, make it sound like the band playing," Megan raps.

Check out the "34+35 Remix" music video below.

Prior to its release, Grande had been dropping teasers of the "34+35 Remix" music video on Twitter. She had been counting down the hours up to the release.

Grande's "34+35 Remix" music video has received 1.2 million views and 420,000 likes on YouTube just two hours after it was released, along with tens of thousands of comments from fans praising the collaboration between the three artists.

"Ariana Doesn't realize this, but she makes everyone's quarantine better," one commented.

"Get this woman her baked Alaska she deserves it after serving us this masterpiece!" another wrote.

"Ariana doesn’t realize but she makes everyone’s quarantine better," another added.

Many also noted Doja's impressive transformations. "Doja literally switches into a different person every song," one commented.

"The way I JUMPED when I saw Doja looking like that in the thumbnail," another wrote. "Well anyways this video + remix SLAPS!!"

Several also complimented the "Savage" rapper, with one fan writing, "They all looked so good in this video but Megan baby I could NOT take my eyes off her."

"Why does everyone doesn't notice that megan's part was so magical?, Like damn the bubbles, the tub, the chandelier was so astonishing," another wrote.

"The trio I didn’t know I needed but like I want megans body," a third user added.

Grande's "34+35" is the second track and single from her sixth studio album "Positions," which released in October 2020. The album also featured collaborations with Ty Dolla $ign and The Weeknd.

Grande's lead single, "Positions," debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. This was her fifth time achieving the feat on the chart, putting her at the top for the most no. 1 debuts on the Billboard Hot 100.

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Ariana Grande is pictured attending the Billboard 13th Annual Women In Music event in New York City on Dec. 6, 2018. Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images