• BBC reporter Lucinda Adam was shoved "hard" by a young boy while she was doing a live coverage in Brighton, England, Tuesday
  • The boy, believed to be about 8, was allegedly egged on by his mother
  • Sussex police are looking into the incident

Authorities in England have launched an investigation after a boy was caught pushing a news reporter in the back on live television.

BBC reporter Lucinda Adam was presenting from outside Brighton's railway station for South East Today's 6 p.m. news bulletin Tuesday when the incident occurred, the New York Post reported.

A boy, who is believed to be around 8 years old, was smiling and dancing behind Adam as she reported about the rise in train fares, according to the outlet.

However, the child then shoved the reporter from behind before running away, footage of the incident showed.

Adam later took to social media to explain what happened.

"Reporting live from [Brighton] tonight when a young boy about 8 started mucking about waving his arms behind me. We’ve all been there, but then he shoved me hard in the back before running off," Adam said in a Twitter post.

The reporter assured her followers that she was "fine," but she noted that the incident left her "a bit shaken, quite angry and a bit sad."

"The saddest part is his mum was across the road egging him on, and you can hear her howling with laughter. It’s not funny, it’s assault while someone is doing their job. Where has kindness gone?" Adam added.

Several Twitter users applauded the reporter for the way she handled the incident, while others called the whole ordeal "hilarious."

"I saw this and I couldn't believe how professional you were, not even turning [around]. This behavior is totally unacceptable, and it is unbelievable that there are parents that think this is OK," one person tweeted.

"That was truly shocking, you were catapulted approximately 50mm forwards," another remarked.

Sussex Police have since confirmed that authorities have made contact with Adam and that officers were now looking into the incident.

"Anyone with information is asked to contact police online or call 101 quoting serial 1433 or 01/03," a spokesperson for the force said.

In a similar incident, a reporter in Virginia recently went viral after she was hit by a car on live television and got back up to continue her report.

Tori Yorgey, a reporter for local television station WSAZ NewsChannel 3, was covering a water main break in Dunbar live on Jan. 19 when she was struck by a white SUV.

Despite getting hit by the vehicle, Yorgey managed to get back on her feet to continue her report.

She was later taken to a hospital and checked out the next day.

Representation. Police in Sussex have started an investigation after a boy was caught shoving BBC reporter Lucinda Adam on live television. Pixabay