There is now more reason to believe that Ubisoft is working on “Watch Dogs 3,” the sequel to the famous action-adventure video game series. Ubisoft’s app assistant, Sam, apparently says the game is in development when asked about it.

On Monday, PC Gamer reported about a UbiCentral YouTube video that shows how Ubisoft’s smartphone assistant, named Sam, appears to confirm “Watch Dogs 3.” In the clip, a correspondence between Sam and a player is seen at the 1:27 mark.

“Is there gonna be a watch dogs 3?” the user asks. To which, Sam responds: “Watch Dogs 3 is not finished yet, but from the last early build I tried it’s very solid. The Dev team works wonders! Can’t wait or you to try it!”

At the 1:51 mark, the user is seen asking Sam about the release date for “Watch Dogs 3.” Unfortunately, Sam dodges the question and simply responds to it, saying: “Watch Dogs is a third-person action-adventure series whose 1st opus was released in May 2014. It follows the trials and tribulations of hackers and vigilantes against several criminal elements of Chicago in the first game and San Francisco in the second through their hacking of the all-controlling ctOS Operating System. Watch Dogs 2 was released on November 29, 2016.”

PC Gamer failed to verify if Sam indeed responds to inquiries about “Watch Dogs 3” with the aforesaid statements. When it installed Ubisoft Club’s app and asked the assistant the same questions, it gave a different answer.

“You’d think that I’d know what was brewing in the Watchdogs universe with my DedSec contacts, but I haven’t heard a blip from them about a sequel. I’ll let you know if I get new info on this,” the assistant said.

A Ubisoft representative was asked for comment on the earlier responses of Ubisoft’s mobile app assistant. However, he did not confirm anything and simply said, “We do not comment on rumor and speculation.”

The Nerd Mag believes that it’s just about time for “Watch Dog 3” to come out because the franchise has been hush for almost two years now. The outlet also stated that it’s possible for the rumored game to arrive in 2019. With E3 only a few months away, fans will hopefully get the confirmation that they are waiting for at the event.

Watch Dogs
“Watch Dogs 3” may have already been confirmed by Ubisoft. Watch Dogs/Ubisoft