A Florida police officer wrangled with a massive 12-and-a-half foot snake Thursday evening after the Burmese python was seen along a roadway in the Chapel Trail area.

Pembroke Pines Officer Joey Cabrera responded to the call near U.S. 27 and Johnson Street in far western Pembroke Pines, Florida, Thursday night after an off-duty Customs & Border Patrol officer spotted the gigantic snake slithering just off the roadway. Burmese pythons are not poisonous but they are constrictors who crush their prey. The department and environmental officials in Florida described the python as an "invasive" species. 

After wrangling with the Burmese python on the roadway, the reptile was secured and taken to a police substation for picup by a licensed python removal contractor.

The Pembroke Pines Police Department tweeted out a photo showing several officers including Cabrera holding the snake Friday. 

"Snakes are not an uncommon sight to Floridians, but Burmese pythons are an invasive species & a real threat to local wildlife, pets, and even children. If you see a snake please do not approach it. If the snake is a danger to you or the surrounding area contact 911."

Cell phone video from another person at the scene shows officer Cabrera singlehandledly subduing the the slithering beast on the side of the roadway.

Carol Lyn Parrish, a coordinator with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC), told ABC News her agency “wants to engage the public to help in removing this invasive species and even offer classes to the public.”