KFC delivers food by water
Cora Bascon got a special surprise for her birthday from an unlikely admirer: KFC. Image via KFC

Cora Bascon recently received a birthday surprise from an unlikely admirer: KFC. The fried chicken restaurant chain visited a village in the Philippines to make its delivery, which was captured in a video that has been viewed more than a million times since Thursday.

Bascon has resided in the Artex Compound in Malabon City, which is described as the region’s local Venice, for 47 years. It’s an area that’s prone to extreme flooding as a result of heavy rains and river overflows, and residents must commute by water. Leaving their homes and navigating the water can become difficult for elderly residents or anyone with disabilities.

“We've gotten used to life in the water,” said Bascon in the video. “But when you're getting old, it becomes harder to move around. The good thing here is there's no traffic.”

The video explained that the company learned of Bascon’s birthday through social media. Her 69th birthday was soon approaching, and the company wanted to do something kind for her after it had been revealed that Bascon hadn’t celebrated her birthday for more than 60 years.

“I was 8 years old when I lost my mother,” Bascon explained. “That's the last time I celebrated my birthday.”

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Armed with an amphibious motor vehicle, KFC staffers took to the water to deliver a haul of its famous fried chicken to Bascon’s residence.

"I never would have thought that food could be delivered here," Bascon said. "This place is inaccessible to most.”

The KFC-mobile continued on to deliver buckets of food to other senior residents and individuals with disabilities. Friends and neighbors were able to join in on the festivities while enjoying biscuits and chicken.

"It's a big help,” said Bing Ong, Barangay Captain of Artex. “This kind of indulgence is once in a lifetime.”

“Please come back next week!” one woman quipped. “It's my birthday!