This picture shows an unnamed new-born male giraffe (left) with his half-brother Dave at the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago, July 3, 2013. REUTERS/Jim Young

After a spell of bad weather, the sun is shining over Harpursville, New York, and April the giraffe got some time out in the yard at the Animal Adventure Park. However, there were still no signs of the pregnant giraffe going into active labor late Tuesday.

A live stream set up by the upstate New York zoo in February this year went viral, making the giraffe an overnight internet sensation. At any given time, around 100,000 viewers are on the live stream on YouTube. You can watch the live stream here.

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The zoo keeps April’s fans informed about the pregnant giraffe’s health and the stage of her pregnancy through regular posts on its Facebook page, followed by over a million people.

In the evening update Tuesday, the zoo said: “April’s condition remains the same: happy, big and beautiful. She enjoyed extended yard time today in the warm weather and sun.”

There have been minor changes in the zoo’s schedule of updates about the pregnant giraffe and apologized to the followers, offering an explanation.

“We do apologize for changes in routine schedule and tardiness of posts,” the update continued. “Now being in construction mode, preparing the park for open team members are working extended hours while encountering many daily variables.”

Earlier in the day, the Animal Adventure Park said zookeepers noticed some “‘wetness’ around the back end, which is likely due to tail swishing of discharge,” a possible step towards active labor.

April was expected to give birth in February but over two months after the live stream was set up, the giraffe has not made significant progress in the pregnancy, keeping viewers on the edge over when she will go into labor.

A giraffe’s pregnancy usually lasts about 15 months, and when the calf is born, it is almost six feet tall and weighs about 150 pounds. The wait for April’s calf continues.