Siri, iOS 5’s voice assistant application works exclusively on the iPhone 4S. Hackers have been attempting for long to crack the interesting software so that it could be used on other Apple devices and now a Chinese group claims to have done just that.

Recently, a group of Chinese hackers named CD-Dev Team claimed they have successfully ported Siri on iPhone 4 and explained how iPhone 4 users can install the the cracked version of Siri called H1Siri.

Attracted by the functions of Siri, some of those who have not upgraded their iPhone to the newest model obviously can’t wait to install it and communicate with the intelligent assistant.

However, they may possibly be frustrated when they eventually find that the cracked app does not work at all. And, there's more bad news - the usage of the shady port could not only violate Apple’s copyright but also there is a possibility that their personal data has been sent to the hackers servers.

According to iDownloadBlog, H1Siri involves copyrighted codes form iPhone 4S and any of its usage is illegal. Not only that, famous iPhone hacker @chpwn confirmed that users would unknowingly be sending their data on Email, SMS, Calendar, Contacts, Location, etc. to the hackers’ servers if they try to access Siri through proxy.

And, that's still not the worst that can happen. The most terrible thing is the unpredictable ‘side effect’ after installing the software. The shady port may cause random reboots, break the camera, brick the phone, mess up the Settings app, cause the phone to get stuck at the Apple logo, according to some early adopters’ reports.

Previously, H1Siri (or the cracked Siri) worked by connecting to CD-Dev Team’s servers. But now the servers have gone offline probably because of the increasing demand. In other words, the users will now find their H1Siri useless since it doesn’t connect to a server.

On a side note, there have also been several attempts to make Siri work on an iPad. However, the efforts of various hackers and developers to solve the Siri puzzle were in vain because they could not get Siri to communicate with the backend server which is required to respond to the enquiries.

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