A dashcam video has been posted on YouTube which shows a dog being dragged behind a vehicle driven by a woman for at least two blocks in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The clip was posted on YouTube by Johnny Cheng on Friday, the same day the incident took place.

Cheng titled the video as “She is crazy!” and posted an accompanying comment saying he tried calling 911, but the line was busy.

In the video, the dog can be seen being dragged behind the SUV car at an intersection. As the speeding vehicle passes by, it can be seen that something has been tied to a leash behind the car.

A person riding a bicycle can be seen slowing down and stopping momentarily at the intersection to take in the scene he had just witnessed.

Cheng explained that after being chased by him and some other commuters, the lady stopped the car at the red light at an intersection of Date street and Isenberg street. The dog is seen getting up and walking a bit. The woman is seen getting out of the car.

Cheng said she put the dog in the car and drove away.

In the comment section of the video, one person asked: “What was her excuse?!” To this Cheng replied that she did not say anything and just drove off.

The woman has not been identified and the condition of the dog is also not known.

Some YouTube users asked Cheng to “give this to the police so that she can go to jail for animal cruelty and have her dog taken away.”