Police car
A video released by Ohio Police shows a car hitting a static patrol vehicle and then getting overturned on Nov. 26. Here, a Berkeley Police cruiser sits on the Mobil On-The-Run gas and convenience store in Berkeley, Missouri, Dec. 24, 2014. Michael B. Thomas/AFP/Getty Images

Dashcam footage released by the Oregon Ohio Police Division shows a car driven by a suspected drunk driver hitting a police vehicle and overturning.

Police said no officers were hurt in the incident which happened Sunday evening. The injuries "from the other vehicle were not life threatening," they added.

The video shows a stationary patrol vehicle on the side of the road, and which had apparently stopped a car which was in front of it.

The video shakes a bit, signaling that the car on which the dashcam was mounted was grazed by the car being driven rashly.

The car then hit the patrol vehicle in the video and overturned. Though the car hit the police vehicle from the side, the force was such that the car moved forward toward the middle of the road, resulting in traffic getting halted.

As the police vehicle moved forward, another car was revealed in front of it, which might have been stopped for some reason.

Officers who were standing outside the hit patrol car, ran towards the overturned vehicle in order to check on the driver who was still in the car.

According to a Facebook post by Oregon Ohio Police Division on Wednesday, where the video was uploaded, no police officers were hurt in the incident. It also stated that the injuries sustained by the driver of the overturned car were not life threatening.

"This is why you move over for stopped emergency vehicles and why you don't drink and drive," the post said.

This was not the only case of drunk driving in Ohio recently. According to a report by WTOL, a CBS-affiliated television station, Devin Foreman, 28, hit a sign and then drove through a field before crashing into a ditch at Wood County on Nov.23.

Police said Foreman was intoxicated with alcohol and/or drugs when the accident took place.