Two Texas newlyweds elevated their love aboard a Southwest Airlines flight. The couple uploaded footage to YouTube of the makeshift wedding aboard the plane that occurred three days after their actual wedding ceremony.

Taylor and Mikaela Flowers from Abilene, Texas got married August 4. The next day, they boarded Flight 288 to Riviera Maya, Mexico, for their honeymoon vacation, ABC news reported August 8. 

The newly pronounced husband requested a celebratory whiskey drink from the flight attendant, which is when she kicked her plan into motion, Taylor Flowers told ABC News. 

"An hour later, (the flight attendant) woke me up from a nap and took us to separate ends of the plane," Taylor Flowers said. "My wife looked at me and said 'What did you do wrong.’"

The flight crew prepared the couple for an impromptu celebration and the newlyweds obliged.

They received crowns made from peanut bags as well as a bouquet of flowers made of toilet paper and coffee stirrers made by the flight crew. The couple proceeded down the aisle while passengers applauded them.

"You're wedding's not official until you get married on Southwest Airlines," the flight attendant said.

She continued, "As we gather here today on Flight 228, with service to Cancun, to wed Taylor and Mikaela, we would like all of you to join us in well-wishes to this newlywed couple."

The couple recited their vows, sanctioned by the Southwest Airlines crew.

"We vow to love each other, only fly Southwest and to always put our small carry-on bags under the seat and not in the overhead bins," they told each other in front of the flight attendant.

"It was awesome," Mikaela Flowers told ABC News.

Southwest Airlines never identified the flight attendant who trailblazed the improvised ceremony. However, the company endorsed the flight attendant’s actions.

"Southwest Employees are encouraged to have fun with customers, and we love the way our creative, witty flight attendant ensured a great time onboard this flight with their unique delivery of Southwest Hospitality," a company spokesperson told Fox News in an email Wednesday.

After the faux wedding ended, the flight attendant asked passengers to write down advice for the newlyweds on napkins. The couple received positive messages as well as light-hearted ones. 

"It was awesome, some of them were more sincere like, 'Never go to bed angry' and 'Always say 'I love you,'" Taylor Flowers said

"Our favorite one said, 'It’s a good thing you guys are cute together because you woke me up from my nap,'" she added.