Kyle Burgess was hiking in Slate Canyon Park when he came across some cubs. He thought they were bobcat babies until mom came along. That’s when he realized that he was actually dealing with a cougar and her cubs, and the mama cougar felt threatened.

In a video Burgess posted online, the cougar is shown following the hiker for about six minutes. He attempts to make loud sounds, saying “I’m big and scary,” a method taught to keep bears away. The cougar stays a short distance away, stalking him and seemingly waiting for a chance to attack, even lunging a few times and showing her teeth. Eventually, Burgess tossed a rock and scared the cougar off. He was visibly shaking at the end of the encounter.

“I definitely thought, like, yeah, I was gonna get hurt,” Burgess told NBC Nightly News. “I can’t even explain what I thought just would happen cause this is all just crazy to me.”

After the story caught the attention of over half a million people, according to YouTube, Burgess seems to be embracing his identity as the man who faced a cougar. “Yes, I AM the cougar guy,” his Instagram profile reads.

In his Instagram story, he let his new followers know that he is just fine and appreciates the support. “I am OK. I’m super glad that I got out of there alive. I love all the comments you guys are giving me. It’s been very overwhelming, for sure,” he said.

Cougar Picture released by Aton Chile showing an approximately one-year-old puma in the streets of Santiago on March 24, 2020. Photo: ANDRES PINA/ATON CHILE/AFP via Getty Images