An alligator lays on the banks of a pond on the 16th hole during the first round of The Honda Classic at PGA National (Champion), Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Feb. 23, 2017. Reuters/Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

An alligator caught by a Florida Fish and Wildlife trapper made an attempt to escape by headbutting the captor. Video released online Tuesday showed the thrashing alligator trying its best to break free.

The video begins with few people working to load the alligator, whose legs appeared to be tied together, into the back of a truck in Ocoee, Florida. As the animal was placed in the truck its head snapped back, colliding with the trapper who collapsed to the ground.

Moments later, another person was whipped by its tail, sending them backwards. The angry gator then tumbled out of the vehicle.

"The gator flipped back and head-butted the guy," Walter Day, who lives in the neighborhood, told WKMG-TV. "(It) knocked him to the ground. At that point, it was (kind of) free and whacked police officers with its tail."

The gator was captured after people reported the animal was wandering about the neighborhood.

"It literally crossed the street from our house," resident Jim Jarrells told WKMG-TV, adding the 8-foot alligator “was pretty fat.”

It was unclear to what intensity the trapper was hurt by the alligator. The alligator was eventually taken away by the agency.

Florida residents are often interrupted by alligators near their homes. According to reports, in 2016, the state wildlife agency received 12,772 complaints about alligator nuisance and removed 8,118 gators.

In most cases, alligators react violently when they are captured by trappers, and make every attempt to escape. In February, a video was released showing an 8.5-foot alligator violently resisting capture after being spotted underneath a resident's pickup truck in Florida.

In another incident of an alligator lurking in the open, a 15-foot gator was captured on camera strolling on a golf course. The video was posted on Facebook by Pope Golf on Feb. 14.

Meanwhile, a video was released last month showing a massive gator scouring a golf course in South Carolina. The herd of deer, fawn and all, were grazing on a Lowcountry golf course, but the gator strolled around without noticing them.