The Apple Watch allows users to stay active by setting certain goals that should be met each day. However, some people might want to increase or decrease their goals on some days.

The watchOS 4 app came with an updated Activity app for Apple Watches. The update was launched last September when the Apple Watch Series 3 was released. Apple is currently selling the Series 3 Wi-Fi only model for $329 and the LTE cellular version for $399. While Apple doesn’t sell the Series 2 anymore, the company still offers the first Apple Watch for $249.

watchOS 4 comes with helpful tools, like a revamped Activity, Workout and Music app. (Those who want to learn how to use the Workout app you can click here.)

apple watch The Activity app running on the Apple Watch Series 3. Photo: Apple

How To Change Goals In The Apple Watch Activity App

People might want to change their activity goals on days in which they might feel sick, or on days that they’re feeling productive and want to boost their goals. The Apple Watch counts the number of active calories through the Move goal, which is the red/pink ring on the Activity app.

To change the daily move goal that has been permanently set, users can go to their Apple Watch and follow these steps:

  1. Type in passcode to access the Apple Watch.

  2. Go to the Activity app by pressing on the Digital Crown to access the apps menu, or by asking Siri to open the Activity app.

  3. Once the app is open, the three rings will appear. Press with one finger and hold down on the screen displaying the rings.

  4. A window will pop up that offers two options, one is to see a weekly summary and the other is to change the Move goal.

  5. Tap on Change Move Goal.

  6. A menu will pop up with - or + buttons. Users can then use the buttons to lower or maximize their daily Move goal.

  7. After setting the goal, users can hit Update.

Users can see details on their daily achievements while their workouts are in progress by going to the Activity app on their iPhone. Going to History and tapping on the current day will show users how many calories they have burned, how many minutes they have been exercising for and how long they have been on their feet. Scrolling to the bottom of the screen will show how many steps the person has taken so far, as well as how many flights they have climbed and other details.