apple watch series 3
Apple reveals the new Apple Watch Series 3 with built-in cellular LTE. Apple

The Apple Watch can help users stay active, track their health data and can boost workouts with the watchOS 4 update.

Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 3 and the watchOS 4 update in September 2015. The Series 3 is priced at $329 for the standard Wi-Fi version and $399 for the LTE cellular model. The wearable device includes a dual-core processor, a faster Siri, a heart rate sensor and is about the same size as the Series 2. While Apple doesn’t sell the Series 2 anymore, the company still sells the original Apple Watch for $249. The original Apple Watch also supports watchOS 4.

watchOS 4 comes with better features, including the activity app, a revamped Music app and a better assistant. The Workout app is also another feature that can boost users’ exercise sessions.

How To Use The Apple Watch Workout App

The Apple Watch Workout app works for many types of exercise sets. The list of workouts on the app includes: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, indoor cycle, outdoor cycle, pilates, dance, rower, open water swimming, stair stepper, pool swim, strength training, high intensity interval training, elliptical and other.

  1. To get started, users should open up the Workout app by going to the settings menu (pressing on the Digital Crown button once when Apple Watch is unlocked.) The Workout app is the green icon that shows a person running. Another way to open the app is to ask Siri. Users can also tap the Workout app icon on the watch face, depending on the type of watch face the device has.

  2. Once the Workout app is open, users can scroll down and tap on the type of session they want to start.

  3. A 3-second countdown will appear before the workout is launched to prepare the user.

  4. Once the workout begins, the time elapsed will be displayed on the top, while the amount of active calories are shown below it. The heart beats-per-minute data gathered by the device’s sensor is displayed beneath the calories.

  5. Users can switch to the main menu or check their notifications while the Workout app is running.

  6. Users can also switch their types of workouts by adding a separate workout type. To do so, users can swipe right, tap on the “+” on the upper right hand side and choose the other workout type.

  7. Swiping to the left while working out will bring up the Music controls, in which users can press play or skip to the next song.

  8. Swiping to the right will bring up Workout options, like pause, resume and water lock.

  9. To end a workout session, users can swipe to the right for the workout menu and tap the red “X” End option.

The workouts users usually choose should be displayed first on the list. Users can also find the Workout app on the app switcher after opening it for the first time.