Wayne Knight, best known as Newman on “Seinfeld,” is not dead, contrary to a fake “TMZ Today” report. The site was also the source behind the Chumlee (of “Pawn Stars” fame) death hoax.

At the TMZ Today site, many recent articles are completely false and sensational. Justin Bieber will soon be a father as Selena Gomez is apparently pregnant with twins, according to the website. The “report” is based on another lookalike site, USmagazine.us, which copies the look of Us Weekly.

On Twitter, Knight, who was also in “Jurassic Park,” became a trending topic. Some Twitter users sent messages of mourning, while others were quick to call out the hoax, noting the news was coming from a fake TMZ site.

Knight even commented on his death, saying on Twitter, “Some of you will be glad to hear this, others strangely disappointed, but ... I am alive and well!” While “Newman” was not a trending topic in New York, “Wayne Knight” was a popular term, as people discussed the veracity of the death reports.

Death hoaxes are pretty common, Chumlee has two such reports, while Jackie Chan, Cher, Mickey Rourke, Kobe Bryant and even the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants, Tom Kenny, have all been victims of fake Web stories gone viral. As many Twitter users have noted in the wake of the most recent celebrity death hoax, just because it is on the Internet does not make it immediately true. If a friend sends you a link to a TMZ article make sure it comes from TMZ.com and not from .today or .now, .real or anywhere else.