Wayne Newton, pictured with Kathleen McCrone Newton, is moving from his estate of 45 years, Casa de Shenandoah, to another mansion about a mile away in Las Vegas, Nev. Reuters

Las Vegas legend Wayne Newton is departing from his famous Casa de Shenandoah to another mansion about a mile away in Las Vegas, Nev.

Newton, who has been active in the music and entertainment industry since the 1960s, is set to move into a $3 million mansion equipped with three bedrooms, 6-and-a-half bathrooms, a swimming pool, a spa and three fireplaces covering more than 9,000 square feet. The 71-year-old entertainer’s new home will be call the Shenandoah, Newton's wife, Kathleen McCrone Newton, told the Associated Press.

Newton’s relocation comes amid a lawsuit over a stalled project to convert his 40 acre Casa de Shenandoah home into a museum. In this lawsuit, developer CSD LLC claims it purchased Newton's home and paid the singer $19.5 million, with the understanding that Newton would move out and allow the property to be converted into a museum.

The developer claims that it has invested $50 million to date on the project but that Newton has failed to move out and has deliberately thwarted construction efforts, including sexually harassing construction workers. However, recent developments indicate that a federal bankruptcy judge in Las Vegas is due to sign off on a bankruptcy reorganization involving the CSD LLC, which now owns the property

Furthermore, AP reports that the main parties involved in the partnership, including the Newtons, submitted agreements to the judge under seal to settle the aforementioned litigation.

Joseph Wielebinski, the Dallas, Texas, lawyer for the property owner told AP that Newton's move out of the home he has had since 1968 wasn't specified in the Chapter 11 reorganization. As recently as March, Newton and his wife maintained that they would remain in their beloved home. While CSD LLC will keep the Casa de Shenandoah compound, it wasn't clear Wednesday if the entity still has plans to develop it into an attraction commemorating Newton's career. AP reports that two commercial tour buses that had been purchased to shuttle visitors several miles from the Las Vegas Strip to the Newton museum have been repossessed.