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The Postmodern Shoreline

Hello, down there! Roxanne Palmer reports on a Long Island architectural competition that aims to create elevated houses capable of surviving another Superstorm Sandy, providing a template for coastal communities across the world faced with rising sea levels and more intense storms. 

Not So Sweet An Apple

If the iPad Air is any indicator, the future of Apple's tablet line will struggle to balance refinement with innovation. Writer Dave Smith explains.

Mr. Smith Meets Gerrymandering In Washington

Did changing demographics and redistricting for minorities give us the U.S. government shutdown? Ryan Nave looks at one Texas district for clues. 

China’s Debt Bomb 

Moran Zhang explores how Beijing is dealing with its own financial problems. No, the United States and Europe aren't the only locales with a debt concern. 

Three Cheers For Hollywood!  

Early Oscar predictions: Ellen Killoran's unscientific prognostications, based on critical buzz and wishful thinking, before the real campaigning starts.


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