Get this: The Westboro Baptist “Church” hates Paul Walker. While everyone else is sad to have lost the native Californian, who tragically died in a car accident on Saturday, WBC is rejoicing. News had just began to circulate that the "Fast & Furious" star had died in the wreck in Santa Clarita, Calif., when the group took to their Twitter page to revealed they would picket his funeral, because WBC clearly doesn’t believe in letting grieving people mourn in peace.

“The furious God cut off Paul Walker!” Westboro wrote on Saturday. “Thank God for His condign wrath! WBC to picket funeral.”

"Paul served himself & the gods of this world (money, fame, excess of riot, etc.) while refusing to serve His Creator & use his platform, to encourage his neighbors to do the same," a rep for the group tweeted in another 140-character message. "He's in Hell & Westboro will #PicketFuneral."

WBC typically likes to picket the funerals of soldiers, but has turned to exploiting regional tragedies like Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook shooting. Now it seems they’ve added dead celebrities to their list. Walker, who had just turned 40, was generally known as an all-around good guy who had just attended an event for his charity Reach Out Worldwide the day he died. But being charitable isn’t good enough for WBC. His crime that apparently led to his death as far as the “Church” is concerned: He taught the nation to live “fast and furious” so that’s why he died “fast and furious.”

Just to bring their point home, the nasty group created an awful Vine in which two children race toy cars that express their hateful beliefs. The caption reads, “In honor of God Almighty killing Paul Walker, we present these signs… and better visual effects than the real F&F ;)”

The WBC was founded by Fred Phelps in 1995 and mainly consists of Phelps family members. The group’s numbers have dwindled over the years, with many people dropping out and the WBC, which is located in Topeka, Kan., refusing to admit outsiders. They first rose to notoriety when they picketed the 1998 funeral of Matthew Shepard, the gay Wyoming college student who was beaten to death.

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