Teddy Flood (James Marsden) has been programmed to love Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood). HBO

Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) has two love interests in “Westworld” - the first is young William (Jimmi Simpson), while the other is cowboy host, Teddy Flood (James Marsden).

William turned out badly when Season 1 wrapped up, but Teddy remained by her side. In fact, Teddy is going to play a huge part in Dolores’ revolution in Season 2.

Wood told ET that their relationship will definitely be put to the test next season, since Teddy has been programmed to love Dolores, but what they are doing is no longer part of their narrative.

“I think this season, for them, it's going to be the first time that they're really interacting off-script, you know?” Wood shared. “And finding out what their relationship is, now that there are no barriers and no narratives, and if that love is real, you know, or just imagined.”

Marsden even teased that Teddy will treat Dolores differently next season, and because of this, their relationship will evolve. “I think there is code of Teddy's that he’s retained, and a lot of that is his loyalty and allegiance and love and affection for Dolores,” Marsden said. “But, that’s not to say that doesn’t get challenged this season. I think they’re going through a considerable phase of growth, and we’ll see where they go.”

Wood added that even though certain things have been programmed, it doesn’t mean “they’re not real.” She continued, “Just ‘cause you program love doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel like love.”

Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have revealed that the second season would be named, “The Door.”

Nolan told Entertainment Weekly that “The Door” is symbolic to what the characters are going to be facing next season. “If the first season was a journey inward, this is a journey outward,” Nolan explained. “This is a search for what is else is beyond the park, and what else is in the park. Are there more parks? How big is the park? What’s beyond the park? We think of our seasons as discrete components in the series, to the point where we’ve named our seasons. The first season was called ‘The Maze.’ The second season is called ‘The Door.’”

“Westworld” Season 2 premieres on April 22 on HBO.