Evan Rachel Wood is happy that the Season 1 finale of “Westworld” finally aired because she can now talk about the real identity of Wyatt.

(Warning: Spoilers below!)

It turns out Wood’s character Dolores Abernathy was the villainous Wyatt all along. It was Arnold Weber (Jeffrey Wright) who incorporated Wyatt into her system so she can kill other hosts in order to make sure that the park does not open.

Wood said the show tried to drop hints in previous episodes that Dolores is Wyatt. It was evident when she slashed Logan’s (Ben Barnes) face and when she showed ease in using a gun. “We've seen Wyatt poking his head out throughout the entire first season. We just didn't realize it,” she told USA Today. “Any time Dolores gets that dark cloud over her and goes into full badass mode, that's Wyatt. I didn't know that when we were filming it, so I had the same reaction looking back and going, ‘That's why (the writers) kept asking me to be dark and menacing in weird moments.’”

It’s a pretty cool twist, acknowledged Wood. However, she can’t help but feel sad that Dolores’ innocence has been stripped away from her. “When she's having the conversation with herself at the end and she says, ‘Now I know who I must become,’ she closes her eyes and that one tear falls. When she opens her eyes, she's Wyatt, and Dolores is gone. That kind of hit me hard,” said Wood.

Another thing that broke Wood’s heart is the big reveal that idealistic park-goer William (Jimmi Simpson) will eventually become the Man in Black (Ed Harris). Since Simpson won’t return for the second season, she bid goodbye to her co-star in a touching photo.

She also shared another photo of the cast lounging in between takes.

“Westworld” Season 2 will return to HBO in 2018.