Unfinished "Made in Germany" pliers of Knipex are pictured at the factory in Wuppertal, western Germany, Oct. 25, 2016. Reuters

Whether it’s a home appliance or garment, checking a product’s manufacturing origin is often a major priority for consumers.

In a study published Monday that asked over 43,000 people from 52 countries which countries they ranked as producing the most "trusted" products, “Made In Germany” finished on top, according to Statista’s 2017 Made-In-Country-Index. The countries included in the study accounted for some 90 percent of the global population.

Countries were ranked based on production factors like fair production, sustainability, authenticity uniqueness, value, design and quality. Each country was assessed by at least 2,500 people.

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Following the “Made in Germany” ranking, Switzerland followed in second place for most trusted manufactured origin, which received high marks in ‘status’ and ‘authenticity. Following behind Switzerland were the EU, U.K. and Sweden, respectively.

"'Made in Germany' comes first. The world’s leading quality label is above all the positive ratings in the product categories ‘quality’ and ‘safety standards’ as well as the great popularity of ‘Made in Germany’ across many countries around the world,” the report said.

Italy received a high ranking in “design” while Japan received a high ranking in "top technology." "Made in USA" ranked number eight, tying with Japan and France.

Countries can even rank in popularity as their own brand. The Country Brand Index (CBI) conducted by FutureBrand, brand consultancy, determined which countries ranked the highest among categories like "Value System," "Quality of Life" and "Heritage and Culture" for 2014-15. Over 2,000 global businesses and travelers from 17 countries around the world were asked to weigh in on which countries boasted the best "brand." Japan took first place, while Switzerland ranked second and Germany ranked third.