Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo loves bonding with her kids in the pool during the summer months. Pictured: Pompeo arrives at the premiere of Amazon Studios’ “The Last Tycoon” at the Harmony Theatre on July 27, 2017 in Los Angeles. Getty Images/Kevin Winter

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Ellen Pompeo recently shared how she keeps her kids active during the summer months.

Over the weekend, the actress attended the Baby2Baby event in Los Angeles, where she accepted a donation of 500,000 Pull-Ups Training Pants. She was joined by her daughter, Stella Luna Ivery. According to Pompeo, it was her 7-year-old daughter who expressed her desire to accompany her mom to the event.

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“I typically don’t bring my kids to press events, as a rule, but this is an exception. This is an opportunity to see giving back and how to be a part, and how to help. My daughter, who’s 7, said, ‘We did a fundraiser at my school for Baby2Baby. I know Baby2Baby. I want to come and help,’” she told People.

Pompeo also said that she and her husband, Chris Ivery, know the importance of teaching their kids about philanthropy at a young age. “These kids are growing up very privileged. So it’s important for them to have balance and to understand that all kids are the same, but they’re not. And that whenever we have a chance to help, we can help,” she said.

Meanwhile, Pompeo also talked about her children’s favorite summer activity, which is swimming. “In the summer we swim. Usually swimming will wire them out. I try to get them physically as tired as possible. Then the rest of my day is trying to explain to them why they can’t have lollipops for lunch. Why candy isn’t food,” she said.

Pompeo plays the role of Meredith Grey in ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.” The Shonda Rhimes-created series will return for its 14th season in September. In the premiere, Meredith and her fellow doctors will be meeting with a group of firefighters that will star in the upcoming “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff. As of late, the spinoff still doesn’t have a title, and only Jaina Lee Ortiz has been cast as lead in the series.

Other than Meredith and her fellow doctors touching base with the firefighters, the former will also have to deal with her budding relationship with Dr. Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson).