Google’s new virtual reality platform service is poised to hit the market soon.

The tech giant recently announced that it would be debuting its Google Daydream service as soon as this fall. Google has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in virtual reality films and services, according to the Financial Post. The plan is to set up a timeline for exclusive content for the launch of Google Daydream, which could hit in a matter of weeks.

So what exactly is Google Daydream?

This past May, Google had already announced that it would be launching a series of games and programs for Daydream when it was first revealed at Google I/O in Calif.

Daydream is Google’s answer to incorporating a virtual reality platform into its Android mobile system. The Verge reported that a majority of Google’s partners for the VR platform have already committed to creating mobile phones that will be compatible with Daydream.

Users will be able to use headsets and a handset motion controller that will be able to connect to select mobile devices.

Bloomberg revealed that investments had been made towards 360-degree videos and short films in addition to the requisite VR video games. A Bloomberg reporter, Lucas Shaw, also revealed that the applications of the service had the potential to extend VR capabilities into real estate or retail.

Google has partnered with a number of major companies and brands to ensure the virtual reality experience isn’t short of anything awe-inspiring. Bloomberg confirmed that Hulu will be launching in partnership with the company, as well as YouTube, Netflix and HBO, among others. At I/O, Google also announced that outlets like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and CNN would partner for launch. YouTube stars like Justine Ezarik and the Dolan Twins will be part of the virtual experience as well, TechCrunch reported.

The tech site also reported that Daydream will most likely be launching to coincide with the launch of the new Android phones. The headsets and controllers are sure to follow.