“Dickinson” wasn’t just Hailee Steinfeld’s first TV series. The Oscar nominee started her producing career with Apple’s Emily Dickinson comedy last year, and she told International Business Times that she’s feeling much more comfortable filling that role in “Dickinson” Season 2.

“I have a much clearer idea as to what my role is as a producer in Season 2,” Steinfeld told IBT. “Season 1, obviously, [was the] first time, [so it was] a lot of figuring out what the hell I was doing, just as Emily, as Hailee, as a producer. But Season 2, we were more of a well-oiled machine, if you will.”

Co-star Anna Baryshnikov was quick to jump in and tell reporters that Steinfeld was an “incredible” asset to have on set.

“It makes a huge difference to have someone coming at the show from that level with the actors in mind,” she said. “And she’s definitely taught me so much about how I can advocate for myself in certain moments and navigate having as best an experience as possible, so it’s really such a gift to have her in both of those roles.”

Steinfeld's other role, of course, is that of poet Emily Dickinson.

The half-hour comedy follows the rebellious Emily and her family and friends as they navigate their lives in the 19th century. However, the period show relies on anachronistic dialogue, magical realism, and timeless themes, like the fight for gender equality, to tell the poet's story. In Season 2, Emily considers fame while her sister Lavinia (Baryshnikov) contends with a man trying to tame her.

Steinfeld, who will star in her second TV series later this year with Disney+’s “Hawkeye,” said this was her first time returning to a complex character in this way. The 24-year-old has mostly avoided sequels in her decade-long movie career.

“I've never really experienced anything quite like this as far as coming back for a second season and coming back to the same character and the same world but just a lot deeper, a lot more complex, a lot more sophisticated and grown,” she explained.

Baryshnikov added, “It’s really nice to feel ownership in Season 2 to feel like I really know this character. I can play around and make decisions that I might not have last year.”

It’s an experience that the actors will go through again soon. Apple already renewed “Dickinson” for Season 3.

“[I’m] grateful that we’re being given the opportunity to do a Season 3 and hoping it will feel the same and, if not, better,” Steinfeld said.

“Dickinson” Season 2 releases new episodes every Friday on Apple TV+ through Feb. 26.

Anna Baryshnikov (left) and Hailee Steinfeld play Lavinia and Emily in “Dickinson” Season 2, now streaming on Apple TV+. Apple TV+