A$AP Rocky has been held in a Swedish jail for almost a week now and it's just come out that he's been held in some harsh conditions. 

Sources with direct knowledge of 30-year-old's situation told TMZ that he has been sleeping on a yoga mat with no blankets. It has also been reported that the rapper's neighboring prisoner, who suffers from mental illness, bangs his head on a concrete wall and throws feces around that does not get cleaned up. 

On top of the "inhumane" living conditions in the facility, which the source said is "disease-ridden," TMZ was told the water is not clean and the food is not edible. A$AP apparently only ate an apple a day for the first five days of being detained. 

Knowledge of the New York native's predicament has led artists like Tyler, The Creator to vow to skip Sweden on any future tours. 

"No more Sweden for me, ever," the artist proclaimed in a tweet on Monday in protest of A$AP's arrest, which fellow American rapper Schoolboy Q agreed. 

According to TMZ reports, A$AP Rocky is currently being detained in a Swedish jail while prosecutors determine if they will charge him for aggravated assault in connection to a street fight he engaged in on June 30.

Although the video of the incident shows that the rapper trying to be the peacemaker, he was arrested after voluntarily going to the police.

In an earlier report, the publication stated that although Swedish authorities are normally allowed to only keep people for three days but they have asked a judge to allow them to hold A$AP and members of his crew for two weeks. 

What happens next for A$AP Rocky remains unclear. On Monday, AFP News reported that the rapper, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, unsuccessfully appealed his detention to Sweden's highest court. 

“Unfortunately the Supreme Court rejected our appeal today so Rakim is still detained,” Rocky’s lawyer told Pitchfork in an email. “Now we continue to work with our defense plans.”