Ever wanted to make a Big Mac at home? Well now is your chance to find out -- the secret ingredients that make up the Big Mac's special sauce have been revealed in the YouTube video, What is in the sauce that is in the Big Mac? The clip doesn't stop there, though: The chef also shows viewers how to create and put together all the components of the famous triple decker.

The video states that the special sauce's ingredient's were never really a secret, though, because the recipe for the special sauce that goes on a Big Mac has been up for grabs for years via the Internet and in McDonald's restaurants.

Regardless of how special the sauce may be, the Executive Chef for McDonald's, Dan Coudreaut, takes off his official white coat and begins to teach viewers how to make the perfect special sauce in the two minute YouTube video that received more than 100 thousand views.

To make the special sauce, first, you start with mayonnaise and a little bit of mustard mixed with sweet pickle relish and white wine vinaigrette. Then, you add garlic powder, onion powder and paprika for color and flavor. Coudreaut adds that although some combinations are mixed together for their complimentary natural flavor, it's not the case with Big Mac sauce -- it has contrasting flavors. Simply mix up the ingredients to make the sauce.

In addition to the Big Mac sauce, the chef also shows how to make the rest of the ingredients for the famous burger. Viewers get to watch him chop up some fresh white onion and lettuce, and then add burger pickles to the bun.

He even makes sure to show everyone how to get the perfect bread tri-fecta. All you have to do is slice two burger buns in half and then use the second bun's club for the middle of the burger.

Add special sauce along with the rest of the ingredients, including the burger meat, and complete the burger.

Have you ever wanted to know how you could make a Big Mac at home? Take a look at the video below if you need any pointers.