Connie Britton has spent the better part of the last decade on TV. After starring roles in “Friday Night Lights,” “American Horror Story: Murder House” and “Nashville,” she’s ready for a well-deserved vacation. Of course, that’s after she works on a couple of movies.

During an interview with BUILD Series, Britton revealed that she has two movies coming up post-“Nashville.” One was filmed last summer and one is currently in the middle of shooting.

“I’m working on a movie right now with Nicole Holofcener, who is an amazing director who I’ve always wanted to work with, and she’s wonderful,” Britton told the audience at the BUILD Studio in New York City. “It’s called ‘The Land of Steady Habits,’ and Ben Mendelsohn is in that. That’s really fun. And I was just at Sundance for a movie I did over the summer called ‘Beatrice at Dinner’ with Salma Hayek and John Lithgow and that’s going to come out soon.”

After that, however, Britton is keeping her schedule open. “But I’m gonna take a break. I’m gonna take a little break. Mommy’s tired. So I’m gonna take a little break and then we’ll see,” she said.

Britton made the shocking decision to leave CMT’s “Nashville” midseason this year. Her character Rayna died in last week’s episode after complications from a car accident. The leading lady will still be in the next few episodes of Season 5 as her character is seen in flashbacks, but Britton has wrapped filming. However, she still hasn’t left the Tennessee town yet.

“I haven’t left that city behind,” she laughed. “Five years later, it’s really become our home, and we have amazing friends there. My son’s in school, in kindergarten, and I didn’t want to drag him out in the middle of the year, so we’ll at least be there through the end of the school year.”

It isn’t just acting and parenting that Britton is focused on. The actress’ 50th birthday is coming up on March 6, and she wants to celebrate by helping people. The humanitarian will soon launch a CrowdRise fundraiser for the International Rescue Committee.

“I want to create an education fund for them … When crisis like that happens, education goes out the window, and they have no schooling,” she explained. “Statistics show that if a child is out of school for longer than two years that they will probably never be back at school again, and education is our hope for the world.” 

“Nashville” Season 5 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on CMT.