The messaging app WhatsApp was down for users worldwide on Thursday. Reports of the outage began appearing on the crowdsourced website Down Detector around 2 p.m. EST. The outage map on the site showed that the issues with the app were occurring for users all over the world, especially those in Europe and South America.

Users took to Twitter to find out if they were the only ones experiencing the issues with the app.

As it turns out, they weren't alone. Lots of people noticed that they were having a hard time sending and receiving messages as well as trouble making calls through the app.

Some users were reporting seeing an error message in the app that asked them to try again in 5 minutes.

There was no alert on either the WhatsApp site or either of the infrequently updated Twitter accounts the company has. "WhatsApp users around the world are unable to access the service. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to fix the issue as soon as possible," a WhatsApp spokesperson told International Business Times Thursday. The company did not give a reason for the outage or an estimate for when the services would be back up and running for users.

WhatsApps's website has some troubleshooting suggestions for users who think the issues might have to do with their connection rather than the outage. "If you can't connect to WhatsApp, this is usually caused by a problem with your Internet connection or your phone's settings," the site says. It then suggestes that users try a laundry list of fixes.

Many of them are simple fixes you've probably thought to try, like turning your device off and then back on, toggling Airplane mode on and off, or updating the app to the latest version. The company also suggests that users turn on their cellular data as well as background data. If these fixes and the others listed here don't work, then the issue likely isn't on your end.