WhatsApp’s next update could feature what could be the answer to the increasing number of privacy concerns among users across the globe. The feature called “Disappearing Message” has rolled out to some selected users for testing and is anticipated to come out to the public soon.

How Does “Disappearing Messages” Work?

The WhatsApp “Disappearing Messages” feature is a function described as a self-destructing message attribute. It automatically deletes messages programmed for deletion based on the prior setting that the user did.

The WhatsApp “Disappearing Message” will work depending on the user’s allocated time on how long a set of the message should stay. It can either be from five seconds to up to one minute. After the pre-set time, all the messages on the specified WhatsApp chat will automatically be deleted.

The Disappearing Messages can be used for one on one private message. It can also be applied to a group chat. WhatsApp will make the setting for this feature available with the options to switch on and off. Users may also change the allotted time before the messages get deleted.

Benefits of “Disappearing Messages”

This WhatsApp feature that is set to come along with the app’s next update gives an additional security favor for WhatsApp users. This ensures that aside from the existing end to end encryption on messages, the users’ privacy is also protected from invasion even from people who know the user’s phone passcode.

The WhatsApp Disappearing Messages prevents unauthorized access to its user’s treasured messages. Messages completely disappear even before the nosy neighbors manage to invade the users’ privacy.

When are "Disappearing Messages" Available to the Public

WhatsApp’s Disappearing Messages is currently undergoing a series of tests on selected devices to check its reliability. It is still unknown when this feature will roll out to the 1.5 billion global WhatsApp users.

Other Apps Using "Disappearing Messages" Similar Features

The same feature such as the WhatsApp Disappearing Messages has also been rolling out for other apps. Snapchat and Instagram were some of the first apps to do the auto-deletion of sent messages after a set period of time.