whatsapp messenger testing snapchat like stories
WhatsApp Messenger may be getting its own Snapchat-like Stories feature soon. WhatsApp

If you send a message by accident via WhatsApp, you might soon be able revoke it, according to a Mashable report.

WhatsApp is apparently testing the ability to “edit” or “revoke” messages that have already been sent, even if the person you sent it to has already received it.

The new feature, first spotted by Twitter user @WABetaInfo, should help with those late night embarrassing messages, usually made after an evening out drinking. However, the option to revoke and edit only works if the message has not been read yet. When a message is revoked, it is replaced with “Sender revoked the message” notice instead.

Here’s an image of the feature being tested in beta versions of the app on iOS and Android:

WhatsApp Status Feature:

The Facebook-owned app is also testing a feature that will revamp its current “status” feature. Users can add an image with a caption which will disappear after 24 hours, resembling Snapchat and Instagram stories.

Here’s how it works:

Apart from those two changes, WhatsApp is also testing a feature called “live location tracking,” which lets users enable others in a group chat to track where they are in real time, in an effort to make meetups easier.

The features are only being tested, so it might be available to all users in the future if WhatsApp decides to release it.