• The new feature allows users to simultaneously sign in to four devices from an account
  • It also makes syncing of chat history between iOS and Android devices possible
  • Multi-device feature will be functional on devices with the latest WhatsApp version

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a multi-device feature that will allow simultaneous sign-in from four different devices using a single account. The feature could also allow the migration of chat history between iOS and Android devices.

WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp analyst who often unveils hidden and unreleased features behind the app, revealed that WhatsApp is giving a lot of priority in pushing through with the feature that will allow simultaneously signing in on one account using multiple devices. The company aims to allow users to sign in to up to four devices at the same time.

However, users may have to wait for some time to be able to sign in to multiple devices using one account at the same time. The analyst said WhatsApp had to rewrite a lot of things in order to make the app compatible with multiple-device so it could take them a while to complete the project.

Meanwhile, WABetaInfo added that the Facebook-owned company is now working on a feature that will enable the syncing of chat history between devices and allow the users to migrate chat history from WhatsApp for iOS to WhatsApp for Android.

MacRumors reported that there is currently no easy way to transfer chats from WhatsApp. Android to WhatsApp for iOS devices store WhatsApp chat histories on iCloud while Android devices back up logs on Google Drive for restoring.

Once the feature rolls out, users no longer have to resort to using unofficial apps from third-party developers in order to migrate their chat histories from iOS to Android devices. Such apps do not bear WhatsApp’s assurance because the popular messaging app cannot validate their security practices. Modified WhatsApp versions do not allow them as they violate the application’s Terms of Service.

In order to enjoy the latest feature, a user must first update to the latest version of WhatsApp. Devices not running on WhatsApp’s updated version will be prompted to upgrade before being able to transfer their chat history, transcripts and logs.

Although no specific release date was given yet, reports suggest that the feature could be available on the next updates of iOS and Android OS or on the second half of the year, according to Android Central.

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Facebook hopes to begin making money with WhatsApp by opening it to advertising and sales AFP / Lionel BONAVENTURE