Shark Week is in full swing, but it only lasts so long. Luckily, the Discovery Channel programming block actually lasts a little longer than a week. Shark Week includes eight nights of programming.

Shark Week 2017 ends Sunday, July 30. It started Sunday, July 23 with a special that featured Olympian Michael Phelps, and it will end in a similar way. Instead of “racing” a great white, however, the swimmer will be learning more about the finned fish in “Shark School with Michael Phelps.” He revealed to Time that his biggest takeaway from the shark specials was learning about how the creatures aren’t as dangerous as some believe.

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“I think the biggest thing is to get the message across that they don’t want to eat us,” Phelps said. “They’re not trying to kill us and trying to hurt us. They’re out there surviving just like we are on land. Hopefully with some of the lessons that I’ve learned and the do’s and don’ts in the shark world, hopefully people can learn and hopefully people can be able to swim free with the sharks.”

The final night of Shark Week will be celebrated not only on screen, but also on the racetrack. Hendrick Motorsports driver Kasey Kahne will drive a Great Clips and Shark Week-branded No. 5 car at the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series at Pocono Raceway Sunday. In addition, many promotional events will end, including the sale of the limited edition Lokai bracelet supporting Oceana, which will only be available until July 30.

Let’s hope the closing night of Shark Week is a little less disappointing than the opening night. “Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White” didn’t actually have the Olympian racing a great white — which Phelps had been clear about in promotional interviews — and some viewers complained about feeling duped on social media. On Wednesday, Twitter users were still talking about the lackluster race.

“Michael Phelps racing a fake shark has officially been the biggest disappointment of my life,” one user wrote.

“Hi guys im still upset michael phelps didnt actually race a shark,” one viewer posted.

“Very disappointed Michael Phelps didn't race a real shark,” another said.

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Though Shark Week, which is in its 29th year, is ending Sunday, “Shark After Dark” is ending even sooner. The official Shark Week after show, hosted by “Hostel” director Eli Roth, will wrap up on Thursday. The final episode will include “Atomic Blonde” Star Charlize Theron and cinematographer Andy Casagrande. Theron will discuss her home country, South Africa, which is considered one of the “sharkiest” places on earth. They’ll also play a game that tests their knowledge of the food chain.

The end of Shark Week will also bring the return of another fan favorite series. “Naked and Afraid” returns to Discovery for Season 8. This season, the show will drop competitors in the ocean, where they must figure out how to avoid heat stroke and deadly sharks. The premiere airs Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT, right after “Shark School with Michael Phelps.”