Dying to know who will star in Season 21 of “The Bachelor”? Odds are you’re going to have to keep waiting.

While JoJo Fletcher was announced as the star of “The Bachelorette” during “The Bachelor: After The Final Rose” ceremony, the ABC reality series doesn’t have a history of revealing the new leading man until the final episode of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

That’s right; fans have a couple more weeks to go before the big reveal! However, JoJo did tease who she wants to be cast as the 2017 lead. The 25-year-old real estate developer admitted that she thinks it should be between Luke and Chase. But before she could add why she would want one of her exes to get a second chance at love, another old flame butted in — bad Chad Johnson!

Chad argued that he too deserves love and deserves to be the next star of “The Bachelor.” The “After The Final Rose” audience has mixed emotions about that though. And JoJo’s not exactly thrilled about that idea either.

“Not Chad,” JoJo quickly said.

Chase, a 27-year-old medical sales representative, certainly won fans over after telling host Chris Harrison during the “Men Tell All” special last week that he was “blindsided” by JoJo’s decision to eliminate him. He had been pretty quiet all season, but had no problem calling JoJo out for her brutal fantasy suite breakup.

“I think that phrase ‘I love you’ carries a lot of burden, a lot of expectation,” he explained to Chris Harrison. “I think that she understands that I understand that. And when you’re willing to say that to somebody that you really mean it to, then you really feel it.”

Meanwhile, 31-year-old war veteran Luke became a frontrunner due to his sweet and passionate demeanor. He was truly heartbroken when JoJo broke up with him after hometown dates, and fans want to see him get that happy ending.

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