Princess Diana
Princess Diana's godchildren were recently remembered days before her 21st death anniversary. Pictured: Princess dIana wearing a Jasper Conran suit during a visit to a community centre in Brixton, October 1983. Getty Images/Princess Diana Archive

Princess Diana was a godmother to several people when she was still alive.

Twenty-one years after her death, Daily Mail shared details about where her godchildren are now.

One of her godchildren is Lady Edwina Snow, 36, the daughter of the Duke of Westminster. Snow is married to TV presenter Dan Snow, and they have been blessed with three children.

Lady Alexandra Hooper, 35, is the senior director of City-based FTI Consulting. She also happens to be the great-granddaughter of Earl Mountbatten. Christopher Wilson, a journalist for the Daily Mail, claimed that Hooper will most likely inherit Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II’s Broadlands in Hampshire.

Sussy Cazalet, 34, is the daughter of Princess Diana’s childhood friend Isabel Dawnay. Years ago, Dawnay shared how the Princess of Wales would spend time with Cazalet and buy her treats whenever she has the time to do so.

Cazalet currently works in a textile company in India.

Camilla Shirley-Beavan, 33, is the daughter of Old Etonian farmer Reuben Straker and Sophie Kimball. She is married to Charlie Shirley-Beavan, Master of Tynedale Hunt in Northumberland.

Prince Philippos, 32, is the youngest child of King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie of Greece. He was named after his godfather Prince Philip. Philippos currently works as a financial analyst for New York-based company Ortelius Capital, which was founded by Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece.

Leonora Lonsdale, 31, is the daughter of Princess Diana’s school friend, flatmate, one of her ladies in waiting, Laura Lonsdale. Following the death of Laura’s son, Princess Diana counseled and helped her recover from the pain.

Lonsdale currently works as a film director. One of her movies, “Beast,” won Best Drama Short at the Voice of a Woman Film Festival at Cannes Lions this year.

Jake Warren, 31, is the son of the Queen’s racing manager Michael Warren. He is one of Prince William and Prince Harry’s closest friends. He runs the Highclere Stud, which is the set for ITV’s “Downton Abbey.”

Princess Diana’s other godchildren are Lady Mary Luise Wellesley, 31, George Frost, 30, Benjamin Samuel, 29, Edward Downpatrick, 29, Jack Bartholomew, 28, Antonia Trower, 28, Jack Falkner, 27, Antonia Harington, 26, Daisy Soames, 26, and Domenica Lawson, 23.