Dennis Hof
Love Ranch South employee Bunny Lain (not pictured) has gone missing since former NBA star Lamar Odom's hospitalization. Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof, photographed during a visit to Sirius XM studios in New York City on Nov. 16, 2011, claims Lain was "extremely distraught" after Odom was found unconscious inside the legal brothel. Getty Images

Bunny Lain, an employee at Love Ranch South in Pahrump, Nevada, reportedly has gone missing. The prostitute was said to have been with former NBA star Lamar Odom during his stay at the legal brothel prior to his hospitalization last week. Owner Dennis Hof is speaking out about her disappearance, claiming it might be linked to Khloé Kardashian's estranged husband.

TMZ reported that Lain was last seen early Saturday morning in Las Vegas. A close friend of hers took to Facebook to ask whether anyone had seen or heard from her. While it remains unclear if Lain's friend was able to get any leads on her location, Hof told TMZ her disappearance may be linked to Odom's condition. He said she went missing when things weren't looking good for the 35-year-old former Los Angeles Lakers player, adding that she was very upset about what happened.

"Bunny was extremely distraught over the unfortunate Lamar experience and could not quit crying for days," Hof said, noting that he and staffers were afraid to leave her alone.

Odom was hospitalized Oct. 13 after being found unconscious inside the brothel by an employee. It was not Lain but another employee, named Misty, who made the discovery. She immediately called 911, telling the operator there was a mucus-like substance and blood coming from Odom's nose and mouth. She also said she was unsure whether he was breathing. A later 911 call from manager Richard Hunter would reveal that Odom was breathing on his own at the time. He was taken to Desert View Hospital in Pahrump, where he was assessed before being transferred to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. He was in a coma for several days on a ventilator before finally coming to on Oct. 16.

Odom is said to be making some progress. Since waking up he has been able to verbally communicate with Khloé Kardashian, 30, and is said to have been using hand signals with others. He reportedly has passed several tests administered by doctors, leading them to believe he may not have suffered brain damage. Odom does, however, have severe damage to his kidneys and will need dialysis.

No official statement has been released about Lain's disappearance. TMZ has reported that her friends plan to file a missing persons report with local authorities.