SpaceX’s stream shows CEO Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster en route to Mars orbit after being launched on the Falcon Heavy rocket Feb. 6, 2018. SpaceX/screenshot

Earlier this month SpaceX launched its Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time ever. When the massive rocket launched, it sent a few things to space including SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s cherry red Tesla roadster with a passenger consisting of a spacesuit named Starman.

That car and its passenger are still traveling in space and they can be tracked on a website called The site also includes a map that shows where the Roadster is in comparison with the orbits of the planets Venus, Earth and Mars.

Not only that, the site also constantly calculates the distance between the car and the sun, Mars and Earth. As of Tuesday afternoon, the car was more than 2 million miles from Earth and was only getting further away.

The rocket is the largest in the world and because this was its maiden voyage, Musk and other spectators weren’t sure it would make it to space. But the payload did make it to orbit after a successful launch and recovery of the first stages of the rocket. There was a live stream showing Starman and the Tesla traveling high above Earth for quite some time but it cut out after the car got too far away.

The rocket’s payload was meant to be a test and Musk said if it ends up in orbit, it will stay there for one billion years, and so far so good. There might be one problem though in 2091, the car might come close to colliding with Earth. The car will come within a couple hundred thousand miles of Earth.

The website also has a corresponding Twitter account where updates about the vehicle and Starman are available. The tracking is based on calculations rather than GPS or a satellite with tracking abilities, so it won’t be accurate in the long-term.