Stacy Francis
Stacy Francis got into a verbal exchange with Whitney Houston on Thursday while at Tru Hollywood Night Club. Houston died on Saturday afternoon of unknown causes.

Whitney Houston passed away at the age of 48 on Saturday, but the famed singer had an ugly run-in a couple days before. On Thursday evening Houston performed a duet at Tru Hollywood night club for Kelly Price and Friends Unplugged: For the Love of R&B Grammy Party. That night Whitney Houston reportedly clashed with Stacy Francis, a former X Factor finalist.

Stacy Francis was a contestant and finalist on the 2011 season of The X Factor (U.S.). Francis was eliminated during the Final Showdown episode. The X Factor contestant has said in the past that Whitney Houston has been an inspiration for her. Before her fame on the singing competition, Stacy Francis had the opportunity to join Houston on stage. In 1999, Francis was at a Whitney Houston concert, where she was brought up on stage and introduced to the audience by Houston as a very successful singer from New York City who's currently on Broadway.

Nick Mitchell, an American Idol Season 8 semifinalist, was in the audience of that show. Stacy came onstage and she shooped those high C notes like Mariah Carey-style, the place went insane, said Mitchell to the Hollywood Reporter.

Unfortunately when the two singers were reunited at Tru Hollywood night club on Thursday, the love was no longer mutual. Stacy Francis was at the R&B event to perform a tribute to the late Etta James. The Hollywood Reporter has said that when the two were reintroduced in the VIP section Houston was cordial but did not remember the X Factor singer.

Who did remember Francis was Houston's ex-boyfriend, singer Ray J. Ray J, who was rumored to have begun seeing Houston again before her death, had met Stacy Francis over the years. An eyewitness told The Hollywood Reporter that when Ray J joined the conversation, Whitney just got belligerent. Ray was trying to defend Stacy, telling Whitney, 'Stacy's family! said the source, but Whitney was feeling crowded out and hands were raised.

According to ABC, no punches were thrown, but it was a tense exchange.

Whitney Houston later left the night club looking disheveled and agitated. ABC reports that she supposedly had blood dripping down her leg and scratches on her wrist.