Whitney Houston's Facebook and Twitter fans are demanding to know whether the singer's death was homicide or not.

Currently, the police are not conducting the probe of the star as a homicide investigation, said Lt. Mark Rosen, a police spokesman in Beverly Hills, Calif.

It's a normal investigation, Rosen said at a televised news conference. We follow the evidence where that evidence leads us.

Rosen has also refused to speculate on Houston's cause of death. No obvious signs of foul play and no obvious signs of a cause of death, the police spokesman said.

Houston, 48, was found dead in her bathtub in Beverly Hills Hilton hotel on Saturday.

The singer's fans will not get to know the answer - the real cause of the singer's death - until the Los Angeles County Coroner completes its report, which may take two or three weeks.

However, the media suspect that the singer might have died from drug and alcohol overdose. TMZ reported that prescription drugs and alcohol were found in the singer's room at the time of her death.

Houston was best known for her majestic voice. And she was also the most awarded female artist of all time. Nevertheless, the singer also had experienced tragic episodes, including a tumultuous 15-year marriage with Bobby Brown and her dependence on drugs, which forced her to check into rehab last year.

Now Facebook, Twitter Fans are demanding to know what really killed Whitney Houston.


Whitney Houston died by smoking crack, that was her choice. Thethe Palestians, the Afghanis died through murder, ths was not their choice - striving 4 Jannah♥?♥ @bibi_habibty

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Whitney Houston was found underwater. They also don't know howshe died yet but I bet it had something to do with being underwater. - daveanthony @daveanthony

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it wasnt drugs she fell asleep in the bath - Shak Attack

when your posting a post and u ask her why did u let drugs get in her way. Aks yourself what have you let get in your way. Her family is hurting. And her child has lost her mother. I WAS ALWAYS TOUGHT, THAT IF U DONT HAVE SOMETHING NICE TO SAY. DONT SAY NOTHING AT ALL. - Cornelia Phillips

Did the toxicology results come back or are u just giving an unsubstantiated opinion? - Denise Moody