When something a weatherman does goes viral it’s normally because he did something stupid, but in the case of WKRG’s Chief Meteorologist Alan Sealls, he did such a phenomenal job Wednesday explaining Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Katia that his news cast was a top-trending video on Reddit and YouTube the following day.

“Alan Sealls has got his s--- together,” the top comment on YouTube reads. “If he doesn't get a promotion Imma be SO pissed,” another said.

With three hurricanes swirling at the same time, some people are confused. But thanks to Sealls, there’s been some clarity. “He is the best I have ever heard tell the weather,” one netizen wrote. “I understand everything bruh is saying,” another added.

WKRG, a local news station out of Mobile, Alabama, celebrated Sealls’ 15-minutes of stardom with an article dedicated to him. The headline reads: “Reddit’s #1 Post: Chief Meteorologist Alan Sealls Declared ‘Best Weatherman Ever.’”

If Sealls’ wasn’t clear enough with his video, he added text to his clip where he outlined all three storms. The full text has been provided below:

“Hurricane Irma is a category 5. It remains on a west-northwest path that is impacting Puerto Rico. The forecast cone is a straight line that could put it near or over the Bahamas and Cuba this weekend. While it is possible Irma may get into the Gulf. Most computer projections show a trough of low pressure arriving from the northwest this weekend to turn Irma toward the north. That means all of south and central Florida is a likely target.

“Jose is now a hurricane- the 5th of the Atlantic season. It is east of Irma in open waters. It will strengthen and may also impact the northeastern islands of the Caribbean, before turning northward in the Atlantic and meandering for several days.

“In the southwestern Gulf is Hurricane Katia- the 6th hurricane of the season. It will drift a little eastward and strengthen a bit more before turning southwestward to move into Mexico.

“There have been 3 named storms at the same time in the Atlantic. In 2010, there were 3 hurricanes there in September. In 1998, there were 3 hurricanes and a tropical storm at the same time. The state of the atmosphere can change drastically by then so we watch daily to see what clues models are giving us. That’s why you always have to have a plan, in hurricane season, which runs through November.”

At this time the article was written, the video garnered nearly 440,000 views and almost 2,000 comments.

Irma hammered the northeast islands of the Caribbean Wednesday, decimating 95 percent of the buildings in Barbuda. The storm might hit Florida next, though it’s still too soon to tell. Irma has winds up to 185 miles per hour, and has maintained that speed for 37 hours, CNN reported. No storm on record has ever held winds at that speed for that amount of time.

Rick Perry, the governor of Florida, cautioned residents on both coasts to be ready to evacuate. “Every Florida family must prepare to evacuate, regardless of the coast you live on,” he said.

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